About Pork Magazine

What is Pork Magazine?
Pork is the business magazine for professional pork producers. It is published monthly and is designed to help commercial pork producers operate more efficient and profitable pork production businesses.

Pork’s goal is to help owners, managers, employees and their consultants work together to improve the production, management, financial and marketing aspects of the business. Pork’s goal also is to provide insight and analysis into trends and developments occurring in the U.S. and global pork industries. Finally, Pork works to build pork producers’ knowledge and awareness of the food system and the role they play in that segment of the industry.

The magazine’s editors write to instill and support an attitude that challenges producers to be willing to learn, adopt and perfect new production, management, marketing skills and technology in order to run a competitive, profitable pork production business.

What is Pork’s mission statement?
Pork’s mission is to provide the facts, insight and information that today’s professional pork producer needs to make long-term business decisions. It is read by a high-quality database of pork producers representing more than 90% of the nation’s hogs.

What is Pork’s Position Statement?
There is only one business leader in the pork industry: Pork magazine

  • Pork delivers news and information to help professional pork producers run their businesses more profitably.
  • Our exclusive unit audit documents the exact number of pork producing operations reached, the number of copies to each, and number of hogs they represent. Thus, Pork’s audience is defined in terms of buyers and buying power.
  • Pork’s business editorial, pork-chain perspective and thorough market coverage make it the most efficient magazine in the pork marketplace.

What type of information does Pork magazine contain?
Pork magazine provides:

  • Bottom-line oriented production, management and business feature articles.
  • Short, information packed Profit Tips that range from on-farm ideas to the latest research results.
  • News briefs and trends that keep pork producers informed about what’s happening overseas, in Washington, D.C., and in other pork production states.
  • A food systems column that gives pork producers insight and information into areas of the pork chain beyond the production segment.
  • Pork features Cause/Effect, a column that looks at U.S. and global trends and developments and explains the potential impact it could have on pork producers’ businesses.
  • The magazine also features Marlys Miller’s editorials.

What type of information does the Pork magazine Web site contain?
Pork’s Web site contains the magazine’s features and columns archived in a neatly organized in a searchable database. You also will find industry news; pork chain trends and developments; insight and analysis articles focusing on issues that impact your business. There will be a weekly spotlight item that will include such things as surveys, expert questions and answers, and other tips that you can use to run a more efficient pork production business.

Other features include a collection of pork-relevant links organized to help you find the information you need; market price quotes and reports, along with analysis from industry experts; and a directory of advertisers for your use.

How often is Pork magazine published?
Pork is published at the first of each month by Vance Publishing Corporation.

How can I subscribe to Pork magazine?
Pork is sent free-of-charge to qualifying U.S. pork producers and specified industry personnel. For others interested in receiving Pork a one-year U.S. subscription costs $59.88. For international subscribers, the cost for a subscription sent via surface mail is $75, air-mail delivery costs $125. For more information on how to subscribe to Pork magazine see (insert link to subscription section of Web site here.)

Who is Vance Publishing?
Vance Publishing is a privately-owned trade publishing company.