Editor Profiles

JoAnn AlumbaughJoAnn Alumbaugh, Editor

JoAnn Alumbaugh grew up on a diversified farm in Michigan, and has been involved in many different facets of the industry. She joined PorkNetwork as Editor and Brand Champion on January 2013 and is anxious to engage in conversation with producers, educators, consultants and agri-business personnel

Immediately prior to joining PorkNetwork, Alumbaugh was a counselor at Morgan & Myers, where she was involved in strategic planning, integrated marketing communications, digital media and public relations on key accounts. She also was CEO of Alumbaugh Communications, a privately held project-management enterprise in Linden, Iowa. Alumbaugh holds a Bachelors degree in English from EasternMichigan University.

She is an Honorary Iowa Master Pork Producer and serves on the board of the American Agricultural Editors’ Association.