Brett Wessler

Cold start to 2014 freezes rural economy

Low grain values and farmland prices sliding from record highs clouded the rural economic outlook, then extremely cold weather across the Midwest added a final blow that turned the economy negative. FULL STORY »

Banker farmland price expectations for 2014 wavering

Even as corn and soybean prices have tumbled from a year ago, bankers across the Midwest have mixed expectations for farmland prices in 2014. FULL STORY »

Public misconception about modern ag could have global impact

Criticism of modern U.S. agricultural production practices and the desire of some to move toward organic and local methods would affect lives on a global scale, according to the next Heuermann Lecturer. FULL STORY »

CAST video bridges knowledge gap in feed vs. food debate Play video

Dr. Jude Capper and other university authors extend the message presented in Issue Paper #53 to battle misconceptions presuming animal agriculture competes for human food supplies. FULL STORY »

Young farmers and ranchers embracing technology in the field

Young farmers and ranchers shared their view of the industry last weekend, identifying trends they’re most excited about and areas of concern. FULL STORY »

Canada considers responding to COOL with import tariffs

The labeling rules facing opposition from U.S. processors and the Canadian agricultural industry remains in the Farm Bill as Canada’s agriculture minister plans his response. FULL STORY »

Rural economic growth continues, factors create long-term concern

Rural communities across the Midwest heavily dependent on agriculture and energy continue to see economic growth but at a slower rate than previous months. FULL STORY »

Consumers hesitant to trust meat info from media, restaurants

The conventional livestock industry has faced some negative publicity in recent years, but survey results show those critics presenting the message lack credibility in the eyes of consumers. FULL STORY »

Ag leaders ask for public support to meet imminent challenges

Public investment in agricultural research has declined in the past three years, leading current and former USDA officials to question the role of the U.S. in meeting growing world food demands. FULL STORY »

Crop farmers encouraged to proceed with caution

Row crop farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 95th Annual Convention were presented with a cloudy forecast in the years ahead and advised to plan accordingly. FULL STORY »

Panera exploring use of beef, pork "raised without antibiotics"

Panera Bread is preparing to celebrate a decade of serving meat “raised without antibiotics,” and is turning research efforts to the possibility of adding beef and pork products to the mix. FULL STORY »

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