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New animals, same success at Fair Oaks Farms Play video

Fair Oaks Farms is the leading agri-tourism stop in the U.S., and the addition of The Pig Adventure will only increase it's standing. FULL STORY »

Fun on the farm at Fair Oaks Farms Play video

Between Chicago and Indianapolis, just off Interstate 65 is home to one of the leading agri-tourism destinations in the world, Fair Oaks Farms. FULL STORY »

Ford’s bringing home “the bacon” with new car

Getting bacon “to go” just took on a new meaning with Ford’s newly created customization option. FULL STORY »

John Deere unveils updated line of tractors Play video

John Deere shows off the new 7R Tractors at the recent John Deere Product Introduction in Columbus, Ohio. FULL STORY »

Smithfield educates about sow housing with video Play video

A new video by Smithfield Foods takes the topic of sow housing back to the drawing board. FULL STORY »

Swine dine at the beach

Swimming with the fishes is seen as a bad thing, but swimming with the pigs is all the rage in the Bahamas. FULL STORY »

CBS covers sale of Smithfield, interviews farmer

The purchase of Smithfield Foods by the Chinese company, Shaunghui, could be a boon to the US pork industry in the form of increased exports, but it may not be worth the risk for food safety and security. FULL STORY »

Bacon. It’s what’s for dinner

Bacon sensations are sweeping the nation. FULL STORY »

Protecting ag or silencing activists?

Activist groups have gained publicity in recent years by going into farm operations and taking undercover videos. Now, the agricultural community is fighting back in a number of states by enacting farm protection legislation, commonly referred to as “ag-gag” bills. FULL STORY »

Vilsack: Many losers in farm bill defeat

A politically divided Congress did not pass the farm bill on Thursday and it could have major repercussions for the U.S. economy. according to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. FULL STORY »

Finding the comedy in ag-gag

While some people may not get a chuckle out of the ongoing debate between agriculture producers and animal rights groups, a recent news expose on The Daily Show with John Stewart found a way to coax laughter out of the grim circumstances. FULL STORY »

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