Risk Management

Preparing your farm for the “what-if” scenario

Would you know what to do if your farm was destroyed by a tornado or featured on an undercover animal activist video? The Pork Checkoff has a two tools to help you plan and prepare for a crisis situation. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: A preventable, unfortunate situation

Last week I had the unpleasant experience (once again) of talking with a contract grower who was faced with a bill for pig death loss due to a ventilation failure. It’s not a lot of fun talking through the sequence of events and having to tell them that the evidence points to negligence on their part and my opinion is that they should pay the bill. FULL STORY »

Profit tracker: Producer and packer losses continue

Both pork producer and packer margins remain in the red for the week ending Nov. 16. But packers gained back $1.71 per head, while producers gave up another $1.44. FULL STORY »

Lessons learned from 2012 crop insurance, rental arrangements

The 2012 drought raised two issues related to crop insurance and rental arrangements. First, it appears that a significant number of share rent landlords did not take crop insurance, resulting in much lower returns. Second, variable cash rental arrangements typically have not included crop insurance proceeds in calculating rental payments. FULL STORY »

Farm gifts have a deadline

Major changes in the level of life-time gifting and tax exempt inheritance will change on Jan. 1, 2013. FULL STORY »

Profit tracker: Pork producer losses mount

Pork producer margins took a turn for the worse, dropping $13.96 per head last week compared with the week before. Packer margins continue to gain ground, having nearly doubled from the profits for the previous week. FULL STORY »

Production costs drive spike in ag lending

The volume of non-real-estate agricultural loans, including those to livestock operations, increased significantly during the second and third quarters of 2012, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City report. FULL STORY »

Informa Economics outlook session, Nov. 15

Issues related to Europe's financial crisis, combined with the domestic and global macro-economic landscape will significantly impact U.S. business, commodities and the agriculture and food sectors. These issues and a post-election rundown will highlight Informa Economics' 27th Annual Fall Outlook Conference. FULL STORY »

Expiring tax provisions affect producers

Agricultural pro­ducers make deci­sions each day using assumptions that are based on uncer­tainties – things like weather, prices and government regula­tions. This article discusses a few of the expiring tax provisions of importance to farmers. FULL STORY »

Profit tracker: Pork producer margins lose ground

Pork producer margins lost another $7.41 per head for the week ending on Nov. 2, compared to the week before. Meanwhile, packer margins improved by 57 cents per head. FULL STORY »

Two economist highlights from ASFMRA

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), which also included the Agronomics—Vision 2013, more than anything else included a program of economists providing differing views and various outlooks for land values, U.S. grain marketing and world economies. FULL STORY »

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