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Copra meal in pig diets reduces use of inorganic phosphates

Copra meal, a co-product of the production of coconut oil, and palm kernel co-products are used in many tropical countries as the main protein source in swine diets. These products are also a source of phosphorus, which is required to ensure proper bone growth, optimal growth performance, and for a number of other physiological functions in growing pigs. FULL STORY »

Harvest report: Nebraska running full speed

Rain and late-maturing crops have created challenging harvest conditions in Nebraska. Case IH Combine Specialist Jesse Williams shares his perspective on this year’s crop. FULL STORY »

Mexico pork production expanding despite PEDv

The Global Agricultural Information Network’s recent report on Mexico’s pork production provides an interesting overview: the industry is expanding and so is consumer demand. FULL STORY »

Diversify weed control efforts

The USDA recently announced measures to help farmers diversify weed control efforts. FULL STORY »

Wet October hampers Missouri harvest

Missouri farmers are frustrated as a wetter-than-normal October is slowing down the harvest. The forecast calls for less rain but slower drying. FULL STORY »

2014 World Food Prize awarded

Wheat scientist Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram of India and Mexico is the recipient of this year’s World Food Prize, presented in Des Moines, Iowa today. FULL STORY »

Request made for timely biotech approvals from China

American Soybean Association members urge the White House to push China on timely biotech approvals. FULL STORY »

Manage residue and address compaction

Crops are going to be high yielding in many areas of the country this year, which means residue will be more difficult to manage. FULL STORY »

World Food Day 2014 celebrated family farmers

World Food Day was celebrated on Wednesday, Oct. 16. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognized family farmers as central to solving global hunger and malnutrition. FULL STORY »

Challenges to safely store record soybean, corn production

Current predictions from USDA/NASS for corn and soybean production in Missouri in 2014 is 562.8 and 259.9 million bushels. If realized, those would be record production levels for both crops. FULL STORY »

Debunking feed efficiency myths

Iowa State research sheds light on benefits of breeding for feed efficiency. FULL STORY »

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