Biggest U.S. farm group calls for immigration reform

The largest U.S. farm group threw its weight behind a new immigration law reform on Tuesday to replace the current guest worker program and to put undocumented workers already in the country on a defined path to legal status. FULL STORY »

The U.S. immigration ruling: A hint on healthcare?

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Arizona immigration case on Monday showed a conciliatory streak within a divided court that could emerge again when the justices issue their climactic healthcare decision on Thursday. FULL STORY »

U.S. high court appears to back Arizona on immigration

Conservative justices who hold a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court appeared to endorse Arizona's immigration crackdown on Wednesday. FULL STORY »

Hearings this week on coalition’s immigration labor bill

Hearings will begin today on the Kansas Business Coalition’s labor-friendly immigration bills. Under HB 2712 and SB 399, Kansas would establish a program to manage the undocumented population in the state by granting work authorization to program participants, rather than incarceration or deportation. FULL STORY »

Location key in immigrants' decision to learn English

Whether immigrants to the United States are motivated to learn English depends on a variety of conditions, such as where they will live, how educated they are and whether they need to know the language for their job, a Purdue University study finds. FULL STORY »

Ag industry criticizes Georgia immigration bill

A Georgia state lawmaker on Thursday filed legislation that targets illegal immigrants in the work force and is drawing criticism from several fronts, including the state's No. 1 industry, agriculture. FULL STORY »

Farm Lobbying Group Cautions States On Immigration

States that crack down on illegal immigrants should also help farmers who need seasonal labor, the nation's largest farm lobbying group said Tuesday.

Dairy Farmer Pleads Guilty To Employing Illegal Aliens

In a plea agreement, Kenneth Birker, of Benton County, Iowa, admitted he knowingly employed three illegal aliens at his dairy farm, according to an article in Vinton Today. FULL STORY »

Dairies Left In Limbo On Immigration Reform

Immigration reform appears stalled in Congress. FULL STORY »

E-Verify Adds New Capabilities

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has launched a complete redesign of the E-Verify Web Interface that enhances its usability, security, accuracy and efficiency. The newly redesigned E-Verify features a clean and modern design, easy and intuitive navigation, and clear and simple language.

Video: Feds Suing to Block Arizona Immigration Law Play video

The federal government is suing to stop Arizona's new immigration law, setting the stage for a clash between the federal government and state over the nation's toughest immigration crackdown.

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